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A Breakthrough in Ball Tracking Technology.

KINEXON’s xBall is the first ball sensor with a perfectly balanced center of mass that does not interfere with flight characteristics. Using artificial intelligence, it measure its position, while calculating the speed and distance of the ball, and the exact timing of each touch.

"Ball Data Closes The Last Gap In Data Collection...

…catering to a wide range of applications. Live ball tracking currently enhances real-time exercise and game analysis, live performance assessments, and creates new marketing opportunities. Additionally, the solution provides referees with vital information about ball touch events that was previously inaccessible. We are excited to explore the future applications of this unique technology.”

Dr. Daniel Linke, KINEXON Product Strategy Lead

How Does Connected Ball Tracking Work?

It works by integrating a sensor inside the ball that uses ultra-wideband (UWB) and inertial measurement unit (IMU) to communicate with a network of antennas installed around the pitch. The data from the sensor is transmitted and processed by KINEXON Sports’ software, which can provide various metrics and insights on the ball’s behavior, such as speed, spin, trajectory, passes, shots, possession, and more.

Sensor Technology for Official Football and Handball Match Balls

KINEXON Sports provides live player and ball tracking systems for football and handball, leading the industry. Our ball tracking technology meets stringent quality standards, which emphasize its accuracy and dependability.

KINEXON Sports’ is the choice of many top Bundesliga and international clubs, who rely on football analytics. We provide data in real-time for both player and ball tracking, giving you a complete picture of the action, while ensuring the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and usability in our technology.

See Every Movement of the Ball in Real-Time, with Centimeter Accuracy and Millisecond Precision

The Most Advanced Ball Tracking Technology in the Game

For the first time, you can see data as it relates to actual game moments, without having to look at it separately.

Analyze Player Efficiency and Ball Metrics

Contextualize player performance alongside ball movement to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness. Get insights into detailed ball metrics like dribbling speed, distance covered, and the associated load exerted, among others!

Equip Referees with Previously UnavailableInformation

Discover how this cutting-edge technology is transforming the way elite teams operate.

Using connected ball data, one can accurately determine WHEN and IF the ball was touched. Ball tracking offers an additional viewpoint for assessing game situations and simultaneously provides reliable measurements.

What Can Leagues Gain From Live BallTracking Data?

The X‑factor for fan engagement. With real-time and easily processed ball data, integration with various digital services and platforms becomes seamless. Under the banner of KINEXON ENGAGE, this live ball data paves the way for leagues, clubs, federations, and sponsors to deliver a data-driven fan experience that truly impresses.

Enhancing The Handball Fan Experience in a Top-Tier League

The German Handball Bundesliga, known as a top-tier league in the sport, has introduced a notable advancement. By adopting KINEXON ENGAGE, fans now have access to real-time statistics during live matches.

Portugal's Football League Transforms with Live Data

The Liga Portugal Bwin, in collaboration with SELECT and KINEXON Sports, examined the reliability and precision of player and ball tracking. Their findings revealed how real-time data can enhance the league’s appeal to fans, the media, and sponsors.

In foreseeable future, we will make the solution in India, under ‘Make in India’ initiative.

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