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Automate Player Tracking and Boost Players' Performance With Best Live Data Available!

Now with ​“autopilot” upgrade! KINEXON PERFORM GPS Pro is a next generation outdoor player tracking system delivering coaches over 100 performance metrics, position data and raw data in best GPS data quality available according to FIFA EPTS tests. In May 2024, it received an ​“autopilot” upgrade, making it the world’s first athlete monitoring system with a fully automated and wireless workflow — enabling coaches to save 20 – 30 minutes per session.

"Since Coaches Need All Metrics Live and Without Losing Time...

…we’ve developed a high-quality player tracking solution that provides all relevant performance metrics live on various devices and can be accessed through the AWS cloud to speed up coaches’ daily work. Without the manual steps when it comes to data read-outs or cloud-syncs.”

Rene Prubner (Head of Product Marketing & Strategy)

Top Ranked Data Quality Meets Top-Notch Live Analysis

KINEXON PERFORM GPS Pro is the latest innovation from KINEXON. The GPS-based mobile player tracking system incorporates leading GNSS technology from Fitogether. It takes analysis speed to a new level with the first fully cloud-based data processing and three times more live metrics than all other systems.

Invest less time in operational needs!

Top-ranked live player data quality in 2022 FIFA EPTS testing

First fully cloud-based solution for remote access from multiple devices

120+ live metrics — three times more than other systems

Offline mode to guarantee 100% data output & quality even when offline

3 Advantages You Can't Ignore

Top-Ranked Data Results in FIFA EPTS Testing

In 2022 during FIFA EPTS testing in Seville, this GPS wearable delivered top results above industry standard — both in localization and speed values.

Get >100 Metrics Live and From All Devices

No matter where you train and play, no matter how many users need to access the data quickly: Give live access to multiple users via the cloud!

Save up to 30 Minutes per Session!

Take advantage of the only athlete monitoring that works completely wirelessly and transfers all data fully automatically. We call it the ​“autopilot”.

How it Works

Player analysis made easy, flexible and fast:

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Choose from 4 ways to connect!

Only with KINEXON PERFORM GPS Pro: Whether an internet connection is available or not, with four options to connect the system, there is always a solution.

Plus: even in offline mode, you will have access to the same data quantity and quality after the session!

Put Your Player Tracking on Autopilot!

With the ​“autopilot” upgrade coming in May 2024, KINEXON PERFORM GPS Pro becomes the first athlete monitoring system with a fully automated and wireless workflow. Gain an extra edge through:

  • Easiest workflow possible without any manual steps for data read-out
  • Live access to all performance metrics, position data and advanced metrics
  • Remote management of devices and data analysis

All Data, All Analyses, One App

KINEXON data, third-party tools and external databases: Manage all data centrally!

Seamless Performance & Load Data

  • Training and match performance data of players
  • Target control for one or more sessions
  • Player-specific milestone setting
  • Position-specific peer comparisons
  • Heart rate and metabolic data
  • and more…

Scientific Load Data to Reduce Overload Risk

  • Consolidate load and performance data
  • Manage individual player profiles
  • Holistic load analyses over weekly and monthly cycles
  • and more…

Accompany and Control the Recovery Process

Accompany and control the recovery process:

  • Analysis and control of the performance development of injured players
  • Seamless performance diagnostics
  • Upload anthropometric data and individual performance values
  • Relative comparison to performance level before injury
  • Overviews of short- & long-term performance developments
  • Digital training catalogs for organizing all exercises
  • Direct comparisons of individual exercises over longer periods
  • and more…

Other use cases:

  • Benchmarking
  • Scouting
  • Scientific Studies
  • (Youth) Player Development
  • Individual Player Promotion

Profit From a Unique Collaboration

This collaboration combines two leading products: Fitogether’s GPS wearables with the best test results in data quality, plus data processing and analysis from innovation leader KINEXON.

Fitogether and KINEXON Sports unite! With Fitogether boasting the highest number of FIFA-certified wearable systems, including three FIFA Basic and two FIFA Quality certifications, our collaboration promises to change the game.

Trusted by 545 teams across 69 countries, Fitogether’s track record speaks volumes about its effectiveness. Join us as we redefine excellence in sports technology together.

In foreseeable future, we will make the solution in India, under ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Previously Known as A2S Exim Pvt.Ltd.