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Utilize Training Videos to Analyze All Throws and Get Exclusive Shot and Load Data!

It’s the most powerful video analysis software for basketball training you can find! Simply record your basketball shots and upload the video to our KINEXON COMPETE Vision shot tracking app. Our state-of-the-art AI algorithms will take it from there.

You’ll receive comprehensive shot statistics and performance metrics, providing a holistic analysis of individual players or your entire team. Best of all, no wearable devices are required – see exactly what impacts your players’ shooting capabilities!

"We Are Addressing the Lack of Practice Data..."

…by introducing a groundbreaking optical tracking solution that seamlessly detects shot statistics and performance on a team level. Additionally, we have developed innovative new metrics that contextualize basketball data. This not only saves manual effort for coaches but also closes the data gap between practice and games, providing a comprehensive analysis for improved insights.”

Jonas Bohner Lead Product Manager

The Most Detailed Basketball Shot Tracking in the Game

Analyze strengths and weaknesses in player and team shooting tendencies and align with game strategies to maximize efficiency.

Analyze strengths and weaknesses in player and team shooting tendencies and align with game strategies to maximize efficiency.

Understand how physical effort impacts shooting accuracy and improve training methods to position your players to peak at the right time.

Shot data and performance is sent automatically. And KINEXON’s new exclusive ​“Shot Load” metric provides even more detailed insights.

Obtain practice insights automatically to shorten the amount of time spent on practice and game plans. You can spend more time coaching

Gain insights to help direct your focus on team and player development. Use performance data to unlock your players’ tendencies and injury risks

Generate comprehensive basketball analytics that can be used to help you find your best shooters and strategies.

Shot Load: A New Groundbreaking Metric From KINEXON

Shot load combines shot stats with performance. It is calculated by tracking the number of shots taken and the accumulated physio load. It’s presented in three levels: high, medium and low. Now coaches and players can support their intuition with concrete evidence, enabling a more accurate evaluation of player performance.

Experience the power of Shot Load. Recreate high-intensity game scenarios. Train with confidence!

How To Get Better at Shooting in Basketball

KINEXON COMPETE Vision is easy to use. As your practice video is uploaded to our basketball shot tracking app and processed, our AI algorithms provide an analysis of the footage, offering valuable insights and information.

Data Sourcing

All you need is a video recording — no wearable needed. You therefore have two options to choose from: Use your existing camera or receive a portable camera setup from KINEXON Sports.

Data Processing

By taking advantage of AI, KINEXON COMPETE Vision automatically detects basketball shot stats and performance metrics from your uploaded video. The exclusive metric ​“Shot Load” delivers unprecedented insights.

Data Analysis

Benefit from seamless analytics, including basketball shot charts, a summary of statistics, tendency visuals and player shot tracking. All of the data is organized and presented in an easy-to-read dashboard.

The Best Tips on Shooting in Basketball Are Right Here

User-friendly Interface with Robust Backend

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Effortless Analysis and Stat Retrieval

  • Software-only solution uses existing videos from a 3rd party camera (like Playsight- our preferred partner)
  • PlaySight is a fully-automated solution
  • Labpano camera from KINEXON uploads video over WiFi or ethernet
  • Fully cloud-based solution for remote access from multiple devices
  • and more…

In foreseeable future, we will make the solution in India, under ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Previously Known as A2S Exim Pvt.Ltd.