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The Most-Used Load Management System in Sports

KINEXON PERFORM IMU is a cutting-edge solution for seamless mobile player tracking and load management. Powered by advanced AI technology, the IMU sensors are centimeter-accurate. The system measures all players’ performance and load metrics, precisely delivering data on their movements and directional changes. Experience effortless and efficient analysis, hand in hand with maximum flexibility.

”I would strongly recommend KINEXON Sports…

… to any amateur or professional sports organization looking to track and monitor workloads to enhance performance and improve clinical health outcomes. KINEXON Sports has been consistently available and accessible to answer any questions or concerns as we work our way through this learning process.”

Chip Schaefer, Chicago Bulls Director of Performance Health

Needs No Setup and Is Even Easier To Use

Set up your mobile anchor on its tripod, connect the lightweight sensors that are attached to the players’ waists, and track multiple players and teams at any time — home or away. And our project management team will provide the instructions you need to start monitoring your players right away. It’s a great opportunity to start into the world of indoor player tracking with KINEXON Sports.

Track and Analyze Player Load Anytime, Anywhere!

Using advanced IMU technology, KINEXON Perform IMU uses an exclusive AI algorithm that leverages an exclusive database to provide valuable insights into the performance, technique, and biomechanics of the athletes. This enables coaches, analysts, and broadcasters to access selected metrics live, such as exertions, jumps, and distance. KINEXON Perform IMU is an ultramodern solution that optimizes training and game tactics.

Get unprecedented insights on your players!

Small and ultra-lightweight wearable (15g)

No infrastructure needed

Recording sessions start automatically

Option to track selected metrics live

Sports science verified data

Software includes comprehensive load metrics and customizable analysis

3 Reasons to Choose KINEXON PERFORM IMU

Monitor Workload Levels and Injury Risks

Help prevent overuse injuries by monitoring seasonal work loads and establish return-to-play protocols.

Plan Your Practices with Expert Guidance

Use multiple measurements from our accelerometer to detail overall workloads and use the information to foster practice plans.

View Your Data on a Clear Dashboard

All of your data is uploaded, stored, and displayed in one place, on any device, in an easy-to-read dashboard.

How To Turn Your Players' Movements into Data

Every jump, sprint, and twist is meticulously recorded and sent to the KINEXON SPORTS APP. Within this innovative app, the raw data is analyzed, organized, and presented in an intuitive format, empowering coaches and athletes alike to make data-driven decisions

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Start Tracking Data in Immediately

With KINEXON PERFORM IMU, data tracking starts automatically as soon as the session begins. 

Four Powerful Ways to Unlock Insights from Your Data

KINEXON PERFORM IMU provides four distinct ways to see and implement the sports data it generates.

See a Summary of Workloads

KINEXON STATISTICS compares key metrics such as acceleration, deceleration, change of direction, and jump height to quantify the intensity and duration of the player’s movements. By comparing these metrics across different games or periods of time, the software helps coaches and trainers optimize the performance and recovery of each individual player.

Monitor Multiple Sessions

KINEXON DEVELOP generates reports that compare the key metrics of multiple sessions over a certain time range. You can see how the values of metrics from session to session, and how they relate to the average values and the standard deviation ranges. The software also has a flagging system that alerts you when a player’s performance is outside the normal range, which is defined as one standard deviation from the mean.

Attain Detailed Practice and Game Reports

KINEXON POST software is a platform that allows you to access detailed reports for a specific game or practice session. You can see how each player performed during the different phases or periods of the session. You can also see the cumulative totals of some metrics and events based on how they are categorized. 

Track Certain Metrics in Real-Time

Selected metrics can also be analyzed live. For example, to monitor players when they reach a certain threshold. These metrics can provide real-time feedback and analysis to coaches, analysts, and broadcasters. KINEXON PERFORM IMU also enables live TV integration, allowing viewers to see the metrics on the screen.

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