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Redefining Precision with Seamless, Real-Time Player and Ball Tracking in any Venue

KINEXON PERFORM LPS is the most precise sports tracking system on the market — in all environments. It delivers the fastest and most stable data. Plus: You can upgrade the system to add ball tracking in football (soccer) and handball.

The performance diagnostics in cooperation with KINEXON Sports...

… enable me and the coaching staff to have reliable as well as valid data, full flexibility in the practical implementation, an individualization of the test protocols, and above all more time for the athletes during a training course in the national performance center.”

Karl Schwarzenbrunner, Director of Coach Education, German Ice Hockey Federation

The Ultimate Solution for Live Performance Tracking and Analysis

Discover the Benefits of LPS-Based Player Tracking

With KINEXON Sports LPS-Based Player Tracking you can get the most out of your players and optimize their performance in real time. It uses ultra-wideband signals (UWB) to measure their position and movement, and compared to other systems, provides many advantages, including:

Higher accuracy and reliability

LPS-based sports tracking delivers the highest accuracy in the market, with a precision of up to 8 cm

More comprehensive data – live and post

Access all the metrics related to the position and movement of your players and/​or ball, and IMU data, too

Open API automatically syncs your data

The LPS system uses an open API that allows you to sync your data automatically with third-party tools .

Best stability and reliability in all environments

LPS works in any environment, indoors or outdoors, without interference from other signals or obstacles

3 Reasons to Choose KINEXON PERFORM LPS Player Tracking

Live Data

LPS provides the most reliable and precise data, with an accuracy of less than 10 cm and a latency of 20 ms, while offering offers over 300 metrics and the possibility to create personalized reports and dashboards.

Indoor and Outdoor

Whether you are in a stadium, a training facility, or an arena with a roof, LPS provides dependable data quality in any setting — indoor or outdoor. No matter the location, LPS ensures reliable data quality.


The KINEXON Sports Science Consulting team helps your team understand the data you’re collecting. This saves you valuable time and provides the opportunity to try new things at practice or during a game.

What does KINEXON PERFORM LPS Provide?

KINEXON PERFORM LPS pairs wearable sensors with anchors to instantly figure out where players are, whether it's on a football (soccer) pitch, handball court, or any other playing area. It can even track the ball using Ultra-Wideband signals, providing accurate data in real-time.

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Data and Team Spirit Gauranteed Victory

The anchors are connected by Wi-Fi or wires in fixed setups. Using UWB signals, the small and lightweight player tags (sensors) track where the player and ball are in real-time.

See How KINEXON PERFORM LPS is Enhancing Sports!

Discover how this cutting-edge technology is transforming the way elite teams operate.

How KINEXON Sports Empowers Coaches to Manage and Improve

KINEXON provides everything that coaches need to organize and optimize various aspects of their teams’ performance, health, and strategy.

Load Management Made Easy

Tools to learn how players perform in training and matches

Managing goals for each session

Setting individual milestones for players

Comparing players based on their positions

Measuring heart rate and metabolism

Decrease The Injury Risk

By analyzing the data collected by KINEXON Sports LPS, coaches and trainers can identify the individual load and risk of injury for each player. They can then adjust the training and recovery plans accordingly and analyze loads across different time periods. Injury risks are reduced by creating and updating profiles for each player with personalized feedback and preventive measures based on their physical condition and performance.

Back On The Field Safely

Monitoring and managing the recovery of injured players

Compare current performance to pre-injury level and see performance changes in short and long term

Enter body measurements and personal performance data

Use digital catalogs to arrange all workouts and compare individual workouts over extended periods

And more…

All The Help You Need

KINEXON’s Sports Science Consultants provide insight and training, plus technical and personal support during the creation of the test protocol and the data collection process. Our experts offer responsive feedback and interpretation of the data, so you can make sense of it all. We help our clients to innovate and get the extra edge over their competitors.

Learn More About The Gold Standard in Player and Ball Tracking

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge with KINEXON PERFORM LPS. Download the brochure now and get ready to optimize your performance, load, tactics, and gameplay with over 300 metrics and customizable reports.

In foreseeable future, we will make the solution in India, under ‘Make in India’ initiative.

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