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Our goal is to deliver top-tier, cost-efficient sports analytics through a seamlessly integrated hardware and cloud-based software service.

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Sports Club CRM

Simplified membership management and event coordination for sports clubs which enhances organizational efficiency and member engagement, along with an integrated chat feature for seamless communication.

Designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of sports clubs, fostering efficiency, communication, and organization. Our versatile solution seamlessly integrates chat and calendar functionalities, enhancing collaboration and coordination within various sports environments.

Performance Management

Optimized athlete tracking and training load monitoring, facilitating peak performance and goal achievement.

A versatile platform designed for organizations and professionals focused on enhancing athlete performance, offering advanced tools suitable for various sports and performance levels, including diagnostics and hardware integration, to optimize training and wellness.

Female Performance Management

Group of tailored functionalities designed to meet the unique needs and characteristics of women, providing a personalized and empowering experience across all products.

Specifically designed to address the unique needs and considerations of female athletes. The solution is crafted to empower female athletes and organizations dedicated to their success.


Systematic approach to talent identification and player assessment, enabling strategic decision-making and player acquisitions in sports management.

The Scouting Platform is a comprehensive solution designed for sports organizations, scouts, and players looking to optimize talent identification and player development.

Training Builder

Intuitive and easy-to-use platform for designing training plans and automated metrics, along with creation of customized and sport-specific drills tailored to the team’s needs and goals

Corporate Health

Solution for companies who wish to promote wellness and create a culture of well-being within their organization by providing employees with access to a bundle of health and training-related features.

Fan Engagement

A dedicated app for parents or fans, enabling them to stay closely connected with the athletes’ development and progress.


Seamless connection with hardware devices and 3rd party integration, improving functionality and providing users with a comprehensive experience.

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“Ultrax ITL system was a game changer for me, when it comes to planning and programming condition practices with Dino. Knowing that the tennis season lasts the whole year, it is extremely important to track his state constantly. Ultrax software system is practical, quick and reliable and has noticeably helped me to raise the level of Dino’s physical readiness.”

Marko Skomrlj

S&C Coach of Dino Prižmić and S&C Coach at Ljubičić Tennis Academy

“We’re currently in the process of preparing for the European Karate Championship, where we hope our U21 members will bring home some well-deserved medals and be rewarded for all their hard work. During this preparation period, Ultrax has proven to be a great tool for tracking the athletes’ load, helping us find the right balance between pushing them to their limits and preventing overtraining.”

Danijel Vucic

Head Coach at KK Hercegovina Zagreb

“The Ultrax app provides us with valuable insights into both the athletes’ physical and mental states. I consider it a fantastic tool for elevating the sports experience to an entirely new level. The app itself is incredibly simple and easy to use, which makes my work that much more efficient. The girls are also learning about the importance of monitoring their own physical and mental state, which should be a priority for all athletes.”

Dora Merle

S&C Coach at ŽNK Savica CC

In foreseeable future, we will make the solution in India, under ‘Make in India’ initiative.

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